About Us

“Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself…”

Let our team of personal trainers, nutritionists, graphic artists and marketing experts show you how to increase your revenue with small changes that will help you both meet your business goals and your clients achieve their health targets..

We have been offering privately labeled nutritional products nationally since 2012. Licensed and insured, we stand behind everything we offer.

Ordering is easy and personal. Our staff has been in the business long enough to know that what makes a trainer exceptional is their hands on understanding of a client’s needs, their personal attention and commitment to each individual whom they represent. We at FAST have carried over that philosophy to our distributors. Your success is our success, so we treat each of our gyms and trainers as individualized and unique as they are.

FAST Fitness has maintained strong relationships with each and every one of our distributors, offering five-star customer service, products that meet the highest quality standards and unparalleled pricing. Whether you want to hit the ground running with a bulk order or start cautiously, to meet a specific budget, FAST is committed to helping you reach your goals and exceed even your own expectations!

“You provide inspiration they provide perspiration and we provide supplementation!”

Our Standards

FAST proudly strives to support our mission statement of...

Supplying the highest quality nutritional supplements to gyms and trainers, nationwide
Offering the most competitive pricing in the industry to allow for all sized orders to fit each unique business’ needs
Providing unparalleled customer service in all departments; from sales, product information, selling techniques, design and more